Getting Your Business Started

If you are currently wondering what you need to do in order to move your life and business to Las Vegas, then you need look no further. Below is a very brief and easily understood list of the 6 basic steps. Follow these simple yet informational steps, one after the other, to get that business of yours off the ground!

Step 1: Create a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship Legal Organization.

When both Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are created in or moved to Las Vegas, the owner(s) must file Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization with the Nevada Secretary of State.

Nevada Secretary of State Office 555 East Washington Avenue, Suite 2900 Las Vegas, NV 89101

(702) 486-2880

Step 2: Obtain a Fictitious Name Certificate (DBA).

Many business owners choose to name their companies after themselves, but should you choose to use a name other than your own, you must file that fictitious business name with the Clark County Clerk’s Office to identify the owner(s). You’ll need to complete this action for each of the different business entities: corporations, LLCs, sole proprietorships and partnerships. Clark County Clerk 500 South Grand Central Parkway, Sixth Floor Las Vegas, NV 89155 (702) 455-4431

Step 3: Obtain a State Business License.

All businesses operating in or relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada must obtain a state business license issued by the Department of Taxation. You will also need to obtain a Sale and Use Tax Permit, Seller’s Permit, and complete the Nevada Business Registration and Supplemental Application forms. All of the necessary forms, as well as detailed information, can be obtained from the Department of Taxation.

Department of Taxation 555 East Washington Avenue, Suite 1300 Las Vegas, NV

(702) 486-2300

Step 4: If Required, Obtain a Retail Sales Permit.

Every business owner must check with the Department of Taxation to determine whether or not a Resale Permit and/or an Exemption Certificate is required, or if the business is subject to a Use Tax. Again, all of the necessary forms, as well as more detailed information, can be obtained from the Department of Taxation.

Department of Taxation 555 East Washington Avenue, Suite 1300 Las Vegas, NV 89101

(702) 486-2300

Step 5: Obtain a Local Business License.

In the state of Nevada and the city of Las Vegas, all new businesses are required to obtain a License within the city/county in which those businesses operate. From the city of Las Vegas Website,, you can complete and submit the Business License Application.

Department of Finance and Business Services 400 Stewart Avenue, Third Floor Las Vegas, NV 89101

(702) 229-6281

Step 6: In Some Instances, Obtain a Special Permit.

As a new business owner in the Las Vegas area, you may be required by the city to obtain additional permits from the health, police, fire or building and safety departments. In order to find this info, you can contact the offices listed below.

State Contractors Board 2310 Corporate Circle, Suite 200 Henderson, NV 89074


Transportation Services Authority 2290 South Jones Boulevard, Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89146


Department of Air Quality and Environmental Management 500 South Grand Central Parkway, First Floor Las Vegas, NV 89155

(702) 455-5942

Business State Department of Human Resources Bureau of Licensure 4220 South Maryland Parkway Building D, Suite 810 Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 486-6515

Restaurants/Food Service Clark County Health District Plan Review 625 Shadow Lane Las Vegas, NV 89106

(702) 759-1258

Source: City of Las Vegas Office of Business Development (January 2008)